Growing Pains

Growing Pains by Emerald, art by

Story by Emerald
Art by AnnieB

Genre: Slash, Crossover (The Sentinel/NCIS)
Rating: FR21
Warnings: Choose not to warn.

Summary: Senior Sentinel Ellison and his Guide are in Washington DC to testify on behalf of the Department of Sentinel Affairs when a new Sentinel suddenly comes on-line. Unfortunately, NCIS Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs isn't interested in becoming a Sentinel and he sure isn't interested in his surprise Guide, leaving the Senior Pair with a situation that hasn't happened in a very long time, made worse by personal agendas and a dangerous escape.

Growing Pains - story and art

Growing Pains - just the story

Growing Pains - just the art

Author's Notes: This story is a labor of love that brings me back full circle. From my first love (Sentinel, where I learned to write) to my most current (NCIS) and back again. Thanks to Merzibelle who keeps me on track and the mods who even remembered who I was.

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