Bleeding Daylight

Bleeding Daylight - cover art by

Story by Xanateria
Art by stargatesg1971

Genre: Slash, Crossover (The Sentinel/Criminal Minds) with some cameo appearances from a couple of other fandoms. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you must know, scroll to the end of the fic to find out.
Rating: NC-17...oh my goodness, yes.
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, mentions of murders and assaults that happen 'off-screen'.

Summary: Blair Sandburg accepted a long time ago that life with Jim Ellison meant accepting the dangers of police work. But, when one close call too many changes Jim’s perspective, they leave police work behind to start their own consulting company, The Watchmen Group. Years later, Aaron Hotchner likes his life just the way it is, thank you very much, but fate has other ideas. A story that teaches the benefits of making new friends and why it’s sometimes better to walk the path you least expected.

Bleeding Daylight - story and art

Bleeding Daylight - just the story

Bleeding Daylight - just the art

Author's Notes: Thanks to annieb1955 for her fabulously thorough beta read, despite a broken elbow, and a power outage. I would say that qualifies as above and beyond the call of duty, and this is definitely a better story for it. Without her encouragement, I am not sure I would have tackled the problems she found and finished this story. Thanks also go out to Naiya, who saved me from many of my ambiguous pronouns, and cheered me on. And last, but by no means least, to Sapharin, who graciously consented to read through and lend me a fresh perspective. Any remaining mistakes should be blamed on grammar and punctuation gremlins, and my habit of tweaking the story after it comes back from beta readers.

Written for Sentinel Big Bang 2013 (hands down my favourite fest every year). Huge thanks to the mods, especially Patt, who supported and encouraged me to finish this story, even when I thought I would have to give up. And also, thanks to Beth, my amazing artist, who managed to take my ideas and concepts and make them even better. It was a pleasure working with you again, my dear. Thank you for all your hard work, and for filling in as my cheerleader.

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