The Witness

The Witness by Kerensa and Patt, art
        by Unbelievable2

Story by Kerensa and Patt
Art by Unbelievable2

Genre: Pre-slash
Rating: Mature (R)
Warnings: Violence and angst

Summary: Blair is the only witness to a terrible crime that even Blair doesn’t truly understand.  He is sent to a safe house with a Cascade detective named Jim Ellison. What exactly did Blair see and how will he help solve the case?

The Witness - story and artwork

The Witness - just the story

The Witness - just the art (caution - very large images)

Author's Notes: Thank you to Kerensa for co-writing this story.  It was great fun and the story just sings with her additions to it.  Thank you to my betas, Kerensa, Bobbie and Caitlin. A special thank you to unbelievable2 for the artwork. She worked very hard on everything. And finally thank you to Merlin for all her pointers.  You’re a great cheerleader.

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