Cutting a Swath

Cutting a Swath by Franscats - cover
        art by Starkickback

Story by Franscats
Art by Starkickback

Genre: Pre-slash
Rating: PG for language and violence
Warnings: Violence

Summary: When Jim's senses come on line, William sends Jim to live in an isolated area because he doesn't want people to know an Ellison could be a "freak." Eventually, Jim loses all contact with his father and brother. Jim becomes a soldier and then a cop while his brother, Steven, becomes a gambler and blackmailer. When Steven tries to blackmail Dr. Blair Sandburg, William convinces Blair not to press charges with the promise that he will supervise Steven. Additionally, he compensates Blair by giving him information about a man with exceptional senses.

Cutting a Swath - story and artwork

Cutting a Swath - just the story

Cutting a Swath - just the art

Author's Notes: I'd like to thank my incredible beta Magician113 and thank her for all her time, patience and input.

I would like to thank Patt for acting as an impromptu cheerleader to keep me going when the plot stalled.

And I would like to thank Patt and Morgan for their work with the Sentinel Big Bang.

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