Crossing Orbits

Crossing Orbits by Laurie - cover art
        by Virgnina Sky

Story by Laurie
Art by Virginia Sky

Genre: Slash, AU, alien, SciFi
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Drowning, semi-public sex, nudity in one illustration.

Summary: Jimajamesell, First Heir to House Ellison meets B'lair of the Travelers while both are incarcerated on a planet far from their respective homes.

Crossing Orbits - story and artwork

Crossing Orbits - just the story

Crossing Orbits - just the art

Author's Notes: Thanks so much to Patt for her cheerleading and to Merlin for beta'ing the story. Also, thank you to Caro Dee, who donated money to the Big Bear Zoo for me to write this alien Sentinel story. Thanks to the mods for running a well organized Big Bang and putting in the time and effort to make this work. Thank you to Virginia Sky for the gorgeous art.

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