Salvation by Yennie49, art by Morgan Briarwood

Story by Yenta49
Art by Morgan Briarwood

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair), Crossover/Fusion (Babylon 5)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None

Summary: It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind. The universe was in upheaval; the Earth Alliance was headed rapidly toward civil war, the Centauri Republic was laying siege to the Narn worlds, and an ancient evil was rising, a war between light and darkness beneath it all. And, in the Year of the Shadow War, for two men it would also mean a new beginning and a new way of life – whether they wanted it or not.

Salvation - story and artwork

Salvation - just the story

Salvation - just the art

Author's Notes: Names and titles (and stray vocab) – I am a geek, and I am proud of this fact. I am a Lurker, I am also proud of this fact. The combination of the two means I actually researched and translated the Minbari names used herein. So here goes, take notes class:

nusan’taal – thank you
ah’shan – my pleasure
Torrbari – Humans
Mayhan – answer seeker
Mincal – clan guardian
Drahan – education seeker (rough translation) i.e. student
Teingati – spirit of the ingati [“A fierce (Minbari) animal, much respected for its courage and a sought-after hunting trophy.” – via The Babylon Project]
Calid – cares for the soul
Terell – thought shaper
Katine – curious dreamer
Necine – brave dreamer
Fakanoore/Fakanor – (City of) Birth of Knowledge
Triera’min – protector of the people i.e. Sentinel
Ker’maier – Guide
Triaera’min ra Fiae – Sentinels of the Stars
Nerhat Ra Trita Oore – (and I should get extra cookies for this one) brave leader of the Clan of the Protected City, loosely translated into English as Richard Burton because yes, I am THAT much of a geek.

AN2: This is my first attempt at writing B5, so obviously I have to jump in without a life preserver.

AN3: This is also my first fusion, not my first crossover, but the first time I’ve tried to merge two such drastically different worlds. And before people start wigging out, Jim and Blair are Jim and Blair/Sentinel and Guide it’s just their surroundings that have changed and a few other things to fit the new setting. Similarly, the B5 peeps are still the B5 peeps with a couple changes (mostly dealing with Psi-Corps and Bester) to accommodate the existence of Sentinels and a bit of timeline and one location tweak, but blink and you’ll miss them.

AN4: Set roughly during S3 of Babylon 5.

AN5: Immense and immeasurable thanks to lanalucy – I can’t imagine why you put up with me, let alone were willing to come back to look over the last half of this – for betaing (any remaining errors are all on me), to mialoco for putting up with me and reading over this as the pieces came through sometimes months apart – patience of a saint – and to my dearest, my soulmate, kyokohitsuji for dealing with almost twelve months of me screaming, muttering, randomly declaring victory, and just as randomly declaring this would never be done and that I was insane to even try. I couldn’t have done this without any of you. ♥

AN6:Last one, I promise. Brianapotter, I know I always write you Spander for your birthday, and this year was no different, but since this monstrosity has taken up my writing life for almost a year I’m afraid your prezzie may have been lacking. But I also know how much you love Jim and Blair, so I offer this to you in hopes that it will ease the sting. *hugs*

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