Hearth and Home

Hearth and Home by Xanateria - cover
        art by AnnieB

Story by Xanateria
Art by AnnieB

Genre: Slash
Rating: Adult
Warnings: None

Summary: This story is a sequel to Lost and Found (My Big Bang 2011 story) but can be read as a stand alone. If you want a refresher, click here to go to the story.

In this universe, Jim left the police force in Cascade due to increasing problems with his senses. He ends up recruited to a volunteer canine search and rescue unit by dog trainer Dylan Richards. With support from the rest of the faces we know and love, Jim and his partner Amiga find Blair when he's separated from his group and accidentally takes a bad fall while hiking in the mountains.

Jim and Blair's relationship started under rather extraordinary circumstances but they deal with the same problems everyone faces. How do they find time to be together and learn to open up to each other?

And then there's the not so typical problems. What do you do when being together starts to mean you can't be apart - literally? And how do their roles of Sentinel and Guide reconcile with their modern life? The answers are definitely not close to home and will mean facing the most painful pieces of their past.

Hearth and Home - story and artwork

Hearth and Home - just the story

Hearth and Home - just the art

Author's Notes: Thanks go out to the mods of Sentinel Big Bang 2014 for their support and understanding and all the hard work they do to put the fest on. Profound thanks go as well to both of my beta readers - annieb1955 and Naiya. As usual, they made this story far better. Blame any remaining mistakes on the grammar gremlins. This story changed on me more than once but I love this universe and I hope you enjoy visiting it again as much as I did.

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