Background Love

Background Love by Mab - cover art by
        Debbie Stone

Story by Mab
Art by Debbie Stone

Genre: Slash, explicit
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Story - Choose Not To Warn (however, this story doesn't contain any content commonly regarded as upsetting.) Art - Most images are work safe but four of them do have mild nudity. Nothing explicit other than a kiss or implied sexual contact.

Summary: A slashy retelling of first season and Flight. Blair and Jim meet five years before the series starts, in a one night stand in Seattle. When they meet again as in canon, Jim is soon aware of the possibilities that stand in the background behind the sentinel study.

Background Love - story and artwork

Background Love - just the story

Background Love - just the art (Note: very large images)

Author's Notes: Thank you to ElmyraEmilie, and the Big Bang organisers. Thank you also to Sylvette for waiting patiently for two years for her Moonridge story.

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