With Closed Eyes

With Closed Eyes by T Verano - cover
        art by akablonded

Story by T Verano
Art by akablonded

Genre: Slash, Angst
Rating: R
Warnings: very brief (and imaginary) non-con scene, not graphic; gore/violence, including the death of a family with small children (imaginary scene, not graphic aside from reference to blood))

Summary: Dreams can be powerful things. Sometimes they can help you, showing you things you might not see when you're awake. And sometimes they just hurt.

With Closed Eyes - story and artwork

With Closed Eyes - just the story

With Closed Eyes - just the art

Author's Notes: This fic presumes a basic familiarity with various TS episodes.
Many, many thanks to akablonded for her gorgeous and inspiring art; to Patt for her much-valued encouragement and enthusiasm; to enigmaticblues for being such a helpful and encouraging beta reader; and to Laurie for holding my hand and helping me see straight without even knowing word one about the story.

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