A Dark Road

A Dark Road by Franscats - cover art
        by AnnieB

Art by AnnieB
Story by Franscats

Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Summary: Jim is the primary witness when a drug lord murders a federal agent. Before the trial starts, Jim gets a tip about arms being smuggled into Cascade and goes to a marina to investigate. While there, part of the marina explodes (right where Jim had been searching) and Jim's body is not found. After days of dragging the bay, everyone accepts that Jim was murdered to keep him from testifying. Everyone that is but Blair, he keeps searching for his sentinel.

A Dark Road - story and artwork

A Dark Road - just the story

A Dark Road - just the art

Author's Notes: I’d like to start by thanking AnnieB for her beautiful artwork. I’d also like to thank my incredible beta, Magician113. She is an amazing editor. Finally, I’d like to thank Patt and Morgan for all their work putting together the Reverse Big Bang.

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