A Sense of Discovery

A Sense of Discovery by Katef - cover
        art by BrynnH87

Story by Katef
Art by BrynnH87

Genre: Slash, AU, Angst, HC
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Discussion of mental illness

Summary: When Detective Jim Ellison's senses come online unexpectedly, he doesn't cope well with the resulting side-effects and voluntarily commits himself for treatment at Conover Psychiatric Hospital's exclusive private wing. However, while there he becomes aware of another inmate who appears to hold the answer to his problem. Coincidence or karma, or are they both delusional? Jim and Blair must work together to discover the truth behind the Sentinel and Guide bond.

A Sense of Discovery - story and artwork

A Sense of Discovery - just the story

A Sense of Discovery - just the art

Author's Notes: Thank you so much, Brynn, for the wonderfully inspirational artwork - I hope this story does it justice. Thank you also, Sheila (bluewolf) once again for the rapid and thorough beta. Thank you so much Patt and Morgan for organising yet another wonderful Big Bang, and last but not least, thanks to everyone, be they artists, writers or readers, whose contributions make these projects so special. Kate x

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