In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes by Brumier - cover art by
        Lapetite Kiki

Story by Brumier
Art by Lapetite Kiki

Genre: Slash
Rating: general audiences
Warnings: No warnings

Summary: After the events of Dead Drop, Jim decides that he and Blair need some time away. A recurring nightmare and the threat of Blair walking out of his life force Jim to confront feelings he'd been trying so hard to ignore.

In Your Eyes - story and artwork

In Your Eyes - just the story

In Your Eyes - just the art

Author's Notes: I jiggered the time frame of Dead Drop, which aired in February, to better suit the picture. This fic fought me like no other. Tooth and nail! Thanks so much to smiles2go, who beta’d this bad boy for me and put up with my incessant whining about it. ::grins::
Title is from the song of the same name by Peter Gabriel.

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