Time and Tide

Time and Tide by enigmaticblue - cover
        art by Luna_61

Story by enigmaticblue
Art by Luna_61

Genre: Slash
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Choose not to warn

Summary: Will an incoming tsunami bring Jim and Blair back together, or separate them permanently?

Time and Tide - story and artwork

Time and Tide - just the story

Time and Tide - just the art

Author's Notes: Written for the 2015 Sentinal Reverse Bang. Many thanks to t_verano for the help! All remaining mistakes are mine.
There has been a lot more info in the news recently about the potential for a big tsunami in the Pacific Northwest. So, this fic might be AU, but the reality is that the possibility is there. For the record, I’m basing the geography of Cascade loosely off Seattle. I have read Legion’s “Unsung,” and I think this takes a slightly different tack. I didn’t want to be too influenced by that story, but I did want to offer this disclaimer. Whatever similarities there happen to be, they were unintentional on my part.

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