Tick Tock

If you can't see the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.

Story by Arianna
Art by Stargatesg1971

Genre: Gen, Case story
Rating: Not rated
Warnings: None

Summary: Bank robbers take a woman hostage: the clock is ticking on finding them and rescuing her. But as leads go bad, Simon, Jim, Blair and Joel begin to wonder what’s really going on. When Blair disappears from under their noses, they know time is running out.

Tick Tock - story and artwork

Tick Tock - just the story

Tick Tock - just the art

Author's Notes: As always, I’m grateful to the incomparable StarWatcher, for her excellent help as my beta editor. To Morgan and PattRose for organizing and administering this annual creation of art and stories, THANK YOU!

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