Welcome to Nightmare Lake

Welcome to Nightmare Lake by
        unbelievable2 - cover art by stargatesg1971

Story by unbelievable2
Art by stargatesg1971

Genre: Pre-slash
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None

Summary: Jim and Blair go rather ineptly undercover at a sports festival, and find out more than which one’s the bad guy.

Welcome to Nightmare Lake - story and artwork

Welcome to Nightmare Lake - just the story

Welcome to Nightmare Lake - just the art

Author's Notes: Preslash, and slightly crack-y as a means of reconciling StargateSG1971’s wonderful and expressive picture, which I adore, with my absolute conviction that Blair Sandburg can’t waterski! ;)
Inestimable thanks as always to Alobear, for her characteristically swift, precise and insightful beta job. Any errors that remain are mine alone. And of course, huge thanks to the Mods, without whom all this fun wouldn’t be possible!

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