The Book

The Book by Franscats - cover art by

Story by Franscats
Art by unbelievable2

Genre: Slash, Humor
Rating: Not rated
Warnings: Mild slash

Summary: Blair is given a book of spells - and then he tries a few.

The Book - story and artwork

The Book - just the story

The Book - just the art

Author's Notes: I’d like to start by thanking Unbelievable2 for her beautiful artwork. I’d also like to thank my incredible beta, Magician113. She is an amazing editor. Finally, I’d like to thank Patt and Morgan for all their work putting together the Reverse Big Bang.

I know nothing about potions, talismans, or spells. I did come across a copy of the book mentioned in this story on the net. It gave me some ideas for this story but I changed some of the wording and ingredients to fit the tale.

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