The Unknown Tomorrow

The Unknown Tomorrow by Laurie - cover
        art by unbelievable2

Story by Laurie
Art by unbelievable2

Genre: Slash, sci-fi, bonding, sentinel and guide
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None

Summary: To save him from being mind wiped, Protector James Ellison bonded with Blair Sandburg, after the bastard class graduate student was convicted of smuggling and selling Yana. After twelve years, a lead to the case surfaces that could prove his innocence.

The Unknown Tomorrow - story and artwork

The Unknown Tomorrow - just the story

The Unknown Tomorrow - just the art

Author's Notes: This story is part of the Glimmering From Afar series, which can be located at AO3. This story is the sixth in the series. It is not necessary to have read the previous stories. T_verano did a heroic job of beta'ing as I was writing up to the last minute. All my gratitude and thanks go to her and to the mods, Morgan and Patt.

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