How It All Ended

How It All Ended by unbelievable2 -
        cover art by banbury

Story by unbelievable2
Art by banbury

Genre: Gen (but see A/N)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Reported death of minor character

Summary: It’s almost four years after the Dissertation crisis, and Jim Ellison has turned his back on his old life, and is living in another city. He doesn’t need Blair Sandburg turning up, raking over The Past. The trouble is, Jim, The Past has something far more deadly up its sleeve, just for you.

How It All Ended - story and artwork

How It All Ended - just the story

How It All Ended - just the art

Author's Notes: An angsty, angsty angst-fest, with a big dollop of jeopardy thrown in.

This story is written as Gen, but I think it can equally be read as pre-slash or implied slash, depending on how the reader wants to take it. This was a deliberate intention on my part.

Kudos to Banbury for two thought-provoking and enigmatic pictures, which were really great to work with, and for the lovely banner.

Inestimable thanks, as usual, to Alobear for her characteristically swift, precise and insightful beta job. Any mistakes that remain are mine alone. And of course, huge thanks to the Mods, without whom all this fun wouldn’t be possible!

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