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In Search of a Bond by Fran, illustrated by AnnieB

In Search of a Bond by Fran, illustrated by AnnieB

Genre: Slash, Humor

Rating: Adult

Warnings: None

Summary: When Jim Ellison comes online as a sentinel, he is told he needs to find a "compatible" guide. At the same time, Guide Blair Sandburg is looking for a compatible sentinel. This is a sometimes humorous look at what a sentinel and guide go through while looking for a partner.

Read: In Search of a Bond

Author's notes: I need to acknowledge and thank Becky. I used her sentinel transcript site to get the dialogue I used from the episode Dead Certain.
I would like to thank Patt and Morgan for running The Sentinel Big Bang.
And a special thanks to my beta, Magician113, for her time and patience.

Artist's notes: Thanks to Fran for giving such a great story to illustrate and to the mods for organizing this again.


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