Deadline - Cascade by unbelievable2, illustrated by Kernel

Deadline - Cascade by unbelievable2, illustrated by Kernel

Genre: Slash, established relationship

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Original work: A Drink With Friends at AO3

Summary: Once upon a time, Jim and Blair had to run, to save themselves. Now they have to stop running, to save someone else.

Read: Deadline - Cascade

Author's notes: This story is both a prequel and a sequel to the ficlet "A Drink With Friends". That story has been incorporated, with some adjustments for plot purposes, into Deadline Cascade.
My thanks to the marvellous alobear, for her customary spot-on beta-job. Any mistakes that remain are mine alone.
I would like to thank Kernel for her brilliant and evocative artwork. Thanks also to the wonderful Big Bang mods, for their patience and dedication, and for the Big Bang itself!


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