Blessed Protector More Blessed by Swellison, illustrated by AnnieB

Blessed Protector More Blessed by Swellison, illustrated by AnnieB

Genre: Gen, angst and owies, senses

Rating: Teen

Warnings: minor OFC

Original work: Blessed Protector at AO3

Summary: Blair's 28th birthday is Friday, June 13th. What could possibly go wrong? (Expanded version for The Sentinel Nostalgia Big Bang)

Read: Blessed Protector More Blessed

Author's notes: The original BP was one of my longest TS stories, and it took a long time to write. Once I finally got the climax done, the ending was written with the goal of getting the rest of the story finished ASAP. I always felt this part of the story got short shrift, so the Nostalgia Bang gave me the chance to revisit these scenes, and tinker with a few other things. I've always considered this my everything but the kitchen sink Sentinel story; I just threw in a few more items. Huge thanks to annieb, for a thoughtful beta and the fantastic artwork!

Artist's notes: Thanks for another intriguing story to illustrate, Swellison.


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