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Anniversary Big Bang

The Sound of Silence by Alobear, illustrated by unbelievable2

The Sound of Silence by Alobear, illustrated by unbelievable2

Genre: Slash, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Summary: Jim and Blair get embroiled in a nasty case of arson, targeting emergency services personnel. Jim is injured in the course of catching the bad guy, leaving both Sentinel and Guide struggling to deal with the aftermath.

Read: The Sound of Silence

Artist's notes: Many thank to the Mods for their hard work and diligence in organising the Anniversary Big Bang! I had huge fun illustrating Alobear's great story. To reflect its many elements, I tried for the effect of an old-style movie poster. This was basic collage, folks - Stanley knife, PVA and wax crayon!


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