As Good As It Gets

As Good As It Gets

Story by Katef
Art by Ms.3

Genre: Slash, AU-canon divergent, angst, violence, H/C
Rating: Mature/Adult
Warnings: Partner betrayal

Summary: At a point where the relationship between Jim and Blair is already strained, an old enemy is released from prison and arrives on their doorstep to cause major disruption. But he isn’t the only threat to the partnership, as Blair finds out to his cost. Will Jim finally see the light and ride to the rescue? And what does the future hold for both men?

As Good As It Gets - story and artwork

As Good As It Gets - just the story

As Good As It Gets - just the art

Author's Notes: This story, based on an original idea by Pattrose, takes place immediately after the episode ‘Night Shift’, and diverges from canon thereafter such that ‘SenToo’ and the dreaded 4th series don’t happen.

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