Guide Issues

Guide Issues

Story by Fran
Art by Lapetite Kiki

Genre: Slash
Rating: Teen/PG
Warnings: None

Summary: In a world where sentinels and guides are known, Detective Jim Ellison and Dr. Blair Sandburg are brought together to solve the murder of Dr. Stone, the co-chair of the Sentinel Guide Foundation. While investigating the doctor’s death they discover that Dr. Stone was part of a sub group that had plans to curtail sentinels’ rights and give control of sentinels to the Foundation and certain “chosen” guides. They even find that Dr. Stone was planning to use Jim to further the group’s agenda. As their investigation continues, Jim and Blair uncover the extent of Dr. Stone’s plans and learn that members of the sub group are receiving death threats. Though opposed to the sub group’s plans and goals Jim and Blair are determined to find who is killing members of the group.

Guide Issues - story and artwork

Guide Issues - just the story

Guide Issues - just the art

Author's Notes: I'd like to thank Patt and Morgan for running the Sentinel Big Bang and Bluewolf for her excellent job as beta.

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