Walking The Maze

Walking the Maze by Mab, and Fall From
        Grace by PsychGirl, illustrated by kernel

Story by Mab
illustrated by PsychGirl and kernel

Genre: Slash and Het (Jim/Alex, Jim/Blair/Alex, Jim/Blair)
Rating: Mature (MAVS)
Warnings: Choose not to warn

Summary: What if the sexual/visionary connection between Jim and Alex came into play while everyone was still in Cascade?

Walking the Maze - story and fanmix

Walking the Maze - just the story

Fall From Grace - just the fanmix

Author's Notes: I think it's worth noting for potentially nervous readers that the end-game pairing for this fic is Jim and Blair.  Thank you to Merlin for the beta, and thanks to the usual suspects for reassuring me on some plot details.

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